The awards celebrate the achievements of leading researchers and educators whose discoveries have helped propel the field forward and established the building blocks for future advances. In 2017, a Selection Committee of 80+ eminent oncologists will choose honorees from several different tumor types and specialty categories.
To recognize and celebrate the individuals who have achieved landmark successes within the global field of oncology.
The Giants of Cancer Care® award celebrates pioneers, innovators, and future generations of leaders who have been selected by their peers for their remarkable achievements in oncology research and clinical practice.

The Advisory Board chooses the semi-finalists from the field of nominations. Members of the Advisory Board have dedicated their valuable time to the program, providing guidance to OncLive as it further develops this awards initiative. Most important, the Advisory Board selects the oncologists and researchers who will be ultimately voted on by the Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee votes on the semi-finalists and eventually the top vote-getter is the Giant in the category. The Selection Committee is made up of an exclusive group of oncologists, clinicians, and researchers. The Selection Committee considers each finalist's body of work, including clinical impact, significant contributions, and overall accomplishments.

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