Fifteen world-renowned leaders in hematology and oncology whose research has improved and extended the lives of millions of patients make up the 2019 class of Giants of Cancer Care®. This year's recipients include physician–scientists who have conducted groundbreaking clinical trials, made important discoveries in cancer genetics, and who are developing cutting-edge therapeutics to provide personalized patient care.
2019 Giants of Cancer Care Inductees
The 21 inductees honored in 2018 serve as an inspiration to their students, fellows, and the next generation of oncologists, hematologists, and researchers. In the face of the human condition, they shouldered ever onward, sometimes, at great expense to their own families. Their grit, creativity, and compassion are a reminder and testimony that individual pursuits can have an impact on the collective welfare of many.
2018 Giants of Cancer Care Inductees
Twelve creative and influential oncology research leaders are the inductees of the 2017 Giants of Cancer Care® awards, a unique honor that recognizes physician-scientists who have helped move cancer care forward. This year's honorees bring the total number of luminaries who have been chosen for the awards program, now in its fifth year, to 62.
2017 Giants of Cancer Care Inductees
The 2016 Giants of Cancer Care® are an esteemed group of 10 innovators in oncology research and clinical practice who have made landmark contributions to the field of oncology and set the stage for future advances. Now in its fourth year, the Giants of Cancer Care® campaign celebrates the achievements of leading physicians and researchers who have devoted their time, talent and resources to improving care for patients and their families affected by cancer.
2016 Giants of Cancer Care Inductees
The 2015 class of Giants of Cancer Care® are a diverse group of individuals united by their passion to understand cancer and to care for the many patients that it affects. We honor their breakthroughs in research and their enduring legacies as the fight for a cure continues.
2015 Giants of Cancer Care Inductees
The members of the 2014 Giants of Cancer Care® class are as impressive as the selection committee hoped—an assembly of 16 esteemed oncology leaders who have distinguished themselves in their respective disciplines and who now join our 2013 inaugural Giants class in receiving this honor.
2014 Giants of Cancer Care Inductees
It is our privilege to honor these leaders in celebrating their remarkable achievements in the oncology community that have transformed cancer from a deadly disease into a story of hope, survivorship, and ultimately cure.
2014 Giants of Cancer Care Inductees
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