The Giants of Cancer Care® program, presented by OncLive®, recognizes and celebrates the individuals who have achieved landmark successes within the global field of oncology. Giants of Cancer Care® is the premier oncology awards program honoring leaders, selected by their peers, for their remarkable achievements in oncology research and clinical practice.

  • Nominations are open through February 28, 2019.
  • Domestic and international nominations will be accepted. Self-nominations are permitted and encouraged.
  • The Giants of Cancer Care® Advisory Board will vet all nominations to determine finalists in each category.
  • A Selection Committee of 100+ oncologists will vote to determine the 2019 inductees.
  • The 2019 Giants of Cancer Care® class of inductees will be announced on April, 2019.

This includes one round trip airfare* and a one night stay at a hotel of OncLive’s choosing. Individuals may nominate as many times as they wish, but may not nominate the same physician more than once in a single category. Each nomination for a different oncology specialist will count as a new entry into the raffle. Giants of Cancer Care® Advisory Board members, Selection Committee members, or employees of MJH Associates may not enter the raffle.

*Ticket will be purchased in coach class only.
**Please note that a nomination in a particular category does not ensure a winner for that category.

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  1.  Breast Cancer
  2.  Community Outreach / Education / Cancer Policy
  3.  Gastrointestinal Cancer
  4.  Genitourinary Cancer
  5.  Immuno-Oncology (including cell-based therapies)
  6.  Hematologic Malignancies
  7.  Pediatric Oncology
  8.  Prevention/Genetics
  9.  Gynecologic Malignancies
  10.  Lung Cancer
  11.  Radiation Oncology
  12.  Scientific Advances / Drug Development
  13.  Supportive / Palliative / Geriatric Care
  14.  Surgical Oncology
  15.  Melanoma & Skin Cancers
  16.  Head and Neck Cancer
  17. CNS Malignancies
  18. Cancer Diagnostics
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Community Outreach/Education/Cancer Policy category

The nominees for the Community Outreach/Education category educate professionals about evolving aspects of treatment and ongoing clinical trials. The nominees in this category are dedicated to furthering the field by promoting the most current research findings to their oncology colleagues.
The nominees for the Cancer Policy category maintain a sustained discussion and collaboration among national and health experts about issues relevant to preventing and treating cancer through lobbying and legislative efforts. The nominees have identified high priority policy issues in science, clinical medicine, and public health and have exhibited leadership through convening activities that promote discussion about potential opportunities for action.
Supportive/Palliative/Geriatric Care category

Nominees in the Supportive/Palliative Care category deliver care that provides comfort, support, and symptom management. This type of care prevents or treats, as early as possible, the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatments, and addresses the related psychological, social, and spiritual problems that can potentially accompany the diagnosis.
Nominees in the Geriatric Care category are experts in the care of older patients with cancer, who often have special needs and considerations, including increased risk of drug reactions. Nominees are integral team members who often consult with oncologists to help them determine how well a patient may tolerate a specific cancer therapy, and what precautions may need to be taken during treatment because of the patient's advanced age. They are strong advocates for the aged.
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