Giants of Cancer CareĀ® Program Inductees


Eli J. Glatstein, MD

Morton M. Kligerman Professor, Radiation Oncology, Perelman School of Medicine

  • Eli J. Glatstein, MD, has achieved many accomplishments in the use of radiation oncology to reduce surgery and improve outcomes in medical oncology
  • In the early 1970s, Dr Glatstein was among the first to combine radiation oncology with medical oncology, an early nod to the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration in the field.
  • His seminal research involved patients with high-grade soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities who were randomized to receive limb amputation or limb-sparing resection plus adjuvant radiation therapy. Dr Glatstein and his colleagues demonstrated that limb-sparing surgery, radiation therapy, and adjuvant chemotherapy appear capable of successfully treating the great majority of adult patients with soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities.
  • One of his early research studies involved treating patients with bladder cancer with megavoltages of radiation therapy. This demonstrated 5-year survival rates that ranged from 35% to 42% for stages A and B1 tumors and 35%, 22%, and 7%, respectively, for stages B2, C, and D carcinomas.
  • The Morton M. Kligerman Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr Glatstein was also involved in a phase I study of Foscan-mediated photodynamic therapy (PDT) and surgery in patients with mesothelioma, which demonstrated that Foscan-mediated PDT could be safely combined with surgery at the established maximum tolerated dose.
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